Environmentally Friendly, Naturally Insulating, Fire Retardant, Wool Pipe Insulation
Clearly Topsleeve is the best solution.

All You Need To Know About Topsleeve

Topsleeve produce all natural and environmentally friendly wool pipe insulation. We provide a variety of insulation products for trade and construction use.

  • Natural wool, which absorbs moisture
  • Natural insulation, saving energy
  • Fire retardant
  • Acoustic insulation for any pipe
  • Recyclable after use, fully bio-degradable
  • Made from recycled wool
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to use


Topsleeve provide three different products

  • PL-15-22 For pipes from 15mm to 22mm
  • PL-22-28 For 22mm to 28mm pipes
  • Universal WRAP For wrapping around existing pipework and multiple pipes of any size.


Material Advantages

  • Wool is natural, renewable and sustainable
  • Topsleeve Insulation is perfectly safe to touch and requires no specialized safety clothing or equipment, making it easy to install
  • It causes no irritation to the eyes, skin or lungs and wool fibres present no hazard to your health
  • Wool fibres are breathable, meaning they can absorb and release moisture without reducing thermal performance
  • Wool does not support combustion and will extinguish itself in the event of fire
  • Topsleeve Insulation does not settle due to the high elasticity of the wool fibres ensuring no loss of performance over time


Energy Saving

  • Wool is designed by nature to save energy
  • Topsleeve Insulation also requires only a fraction of the energy to produce compared to that of man made counterparts


Performance Benefits

  • Wool has a higher fire resistance than cellulose and cellular plastic insulation
  • It does not burn, but instead singes away from fire and extinguishes itself (Wool has a very high inflammation point of 560°C due to its high Nitrogen content of ~16%) Wool is self extinguishing because of its high Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI=25.2), which means to completely burn wool an oxygen content of 25.2% is necessary whereas air only has 21%
  • Wool fibres are hygroscopic by nature, meaning the can absorb up to 35% of their own weight from the surrounding atmosphere depending on the humidity, helping to preserve any surrounding timbers.
  • While absorbing this moisture, wool releases energy in the form of heat, thus raising the temperature of its surrounding areas. Naturally releasing this moisture in the warmer seasons, wool creates a cooling effect on the same surroundings.


Easy to use

  • Simple application
  • Just slide onto pipe
  • 'Scrunch up' for added absorbency and sound cancellation
  • For WRAP Simply wrap your pipe in a spiral action along the fitting
  • No dust, mess or irritants

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